Speaking in North Carolina, Democrat VP Nominee Joe Biden tells voters why they should vote for his running mate:

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden says electing a black person to the White House would be transformative.

Biden, campaigning in Charlotte, said Sunday that choosing a black candidate would be a “transformative event in American politics and internationally.”

His running mate, Barack Obama, seeks to be the first black president in the United States. Biden said Obama’s policies make his presidency even more transformative.

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it sound like Biden is telling North Carolina voters to pick Obama simply because he’s black?  It’s nice to know that Obama’s running mate thinks that Obama’s main qualification for president is his skin color.

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3 Comments on ““Transformative””

  1. Brought up a Catholic I can remember the two groups of people most reviled in our religion classes. The first was the heretic. The second was the fallen away Catholic. Sarah Palin was brought up Catholic and as I understand went to a Catholic Church for some years before she changed ship. She has every right to do this. What I wonder is what the Catholic Church thinks of this and how Catholics will react to it.

  2. Obama is the true Maverick

    I dunno – I think McCain is really Bush, only older, and Palin is Cheney with a bra. They chant the “change” mantra, but it’s the same old lies.

    Fool me once and shame . . . Uh, How does that go again??!!

  3. Moldy Says:

    Taken out of context and misinterpreted, it may SEEM as though Biden is encouraging voters to support Obama because of his skin color. However, in none of these paragraphs does Biden name Obama’s blackness as a REASON to support him. Biden is not wrong that a black president would be a transformative event in American history but he never claims that citizens should vote for Obama because of it.

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